Available Coursework

Planning Workshops

Arnold Siegel offers two Planning Workshops per year. The Workshop is a unique and extraordinary inquiry into the nature and opportunities of our autonomy. The aim of the Workshop is to provide its participants with the discipline, perspective, narrative and freedom required for a life of their own design—the rewarding experience of being in control of their lives.

Typically attended by 75-100 people, the Workshops are conducted over three days—Friday through Sunday on Zoom. It’s a time and place for participants to understand who they are; gain greater clarity and insight on what’s important and possible; and help lay the groundwork for a life that keeps pace with what are likely to be their ever-expanding interests, ambitions and hopes.

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Advanced Classes

For those who are interested in more extensive and in-depth coursework in Autonomy and Life, Arnold Siegel teaches an extended study program—The Advanced Classes. These classes are offered other eight weekend sessions also on Zoom.

The subject matter of The Advanced Classes goes broad and deep with a commanding look at the nature of autonomy and life. They offer a governing philosophy and organizational framework with which to meet the challenge of harmoniously integrating an internal balance with the demands of external reality.

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Arnold Siegel Blog: A Modern and Worldly Perspective

Arnold Siegel posts to his blog approximately once a month. His posts, available to everyone, are both a well-timed and enduring gateway to the vocabulary, philosophy and discipline that supports America’s promise of freedom; liberty, responsibility and opportunity, ultimately in support of creating a life of one’s own design.

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